Ramez Mahmood

Weight: 53 kg
DOB: 07/06/1994
Gender: Male
North East London Junior ABA champion 2012

At what age did you start boxing?
- I began boxing at the age of 13. After following professional boxing for a couple of years I decided that I would give it a go.

What is the best moment you've had in boxing?
- The best moment ever in boxing is winning bouts! It just shows how much hard work can pay off.

Who are you favourite professional boxers?
- My favourite professional boxers are Amir Khan, Miguel Cotto and Mike Tyson.

If you didn't box where do you think you'd be now?
- I think I would have still been a fat boy! Boxing has kept me in great shape and I'm glad I started it and now I'm motivated to go to the top of the sport.

What are you aims in the next year? (2011/2012)
- My aims are to continue winning bouts in 2011 and hopefully I enter the nationals in 2012 and do well in them.